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    AI-Google’s marketing consulting services

    Regarding the network marketing of small, medium and micro enterprises and even personal brands and products, we will solve the process from zero to one, not just empty talk, so stay tuned! read more...

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    Configure single page single link 301 jump under Nginx

    In the process of SEO, for the user experience, when the website has undergone a small amount of modification and the link address of some pages has changed, then we can make a one-to-one corresponding 301 jump to these single pages, and configure a single page single link under Nginx The 301 redirect code ($request_uri is the current domain name) is: if ($request_uri = URL①){return 301 URL②;} Instructions: Add the above code to the Nginx website configuration file and modify URL① and URL②, where URL① is the address of /*** after the current website domain name, and URL② is the… read more...

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    The dimension of Baidu search engine to measure webpage quality ③——Accessibility

    Users want to quickly obtain the information they need from search engines. Baidu search engine provides users with web results that can directly obtain all the information at once. Baidu search engine believes that web pages that cannot directly obtain the main content are unfriendly to users, and will adjust their display probability according to the situation. Baidu search engine will judge the accessibility of webpages from three aspects: normal opening, permission restriction, and validity. For the webpages that can be accessed normally, it can participate in the normal sorting; for the webpages with permission restriction, observe them through other… read more...

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    Baidu search engine measures the dimensions of webpage quality ②——browsing experience

    There will be a big gap in the browsing experience of different quality webpages. The browsing experience of a high-quality webpage should be positive. Users want to see clean and easy-to-read webpages. Confusing layout and too many advertisements will affect users' access to the main content of the webpage. In the Baidu search engine webpage quality system, the user's acquisition cost of the main content of the webpage is inversely proportional to the browsing experience, that is, the higher the acquisition cost, the lower the browsing experience. Faced with web pages with similar content quality, those with better browsing experience… read more...

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    Baidu search engine measures the dimensions of webpage quality①——content quality

    The main content of the webpage is the value of the webpage, and it is the prerequisite for satisfying the needs of users. Baidu search engine evaluates the quality of web content mainly based on the quality of the main content and whether the main content can satisfy users. The main content of different types of webpages is different. When Baidu search engine judges the content value of different webpages, there are also differences in the points that need to be paid attention to, such as: Homepage: Whether the navigation links and recommended content are clear and effective. Article page:… read more...

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    Simple analysis of Baidu Url parameters

    Baidu url parameter is an element that must be understood in the research of search engine principle in SEO work. Refer to Baidu rul: https://www.baidu.com/s?wd=%E6%90%9C%E9%AD%94%E7%BD%91&rsv_spt=1&rsv_iqid=0xa18937c20002bdf8&issp=1&f=8&rsv_bp=1&rsv_idx=2&ie=utf-8&tn=baiduenter_pg =1&rsv_dl=tb&rsv_sug3=13&rsv_sug1=6&rsv_sug7=100&rsv_sug2=0&inputT=2548&rsv_sug4=6775 Formatting: https: Hypertext transfer protocol transmitted by the secure socket layer. //www.baidu.com/ : Baidu's domain name. s? s: This is achieved by a method without extension. 【Important parameters】 wd=%E6%90%9C%E9%AD%94%E7%BD%91 wd: query keyword (word) is usually a string of characters, for example: %E6%90%9C%E9%AD%94%E7%BD%91. You can see the real content only if you decode it with url encoding. rsv_spt=1 rsv_spt: Indicates the kernel version type of the browser on the homepage search. "1" means the new… read more...

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    How to change domain name SQL on WordPress website

    Change the domain name of the WordPress website from the old domain name www.mydomain.com to the new domain name www.newdomain.com. The first step, before starting, please make a backup of the website, back up the website database and website files. Especially the database, we must make a backup, in case there is an error during the operation, we can use the backup database to perform the operation again. The second step is to perform resolution and binding operations for the new domain name. To resolve a new domain name is to point the domain name to the IP address of… read more...

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    WordPress opens sub-multi-site mode

    WordPress 3.0 and above versions already support the opening of multi-site mode, which is the so-called site group mode, which can be managed by switching between different sites in the same background. The xxx.com that appears in the text is the domain name used in the multi-site mode, please modify it yourself. 1. Preparations to start multi-site Multi-site mode is divided into: second-level domain name station and directory station. If you plan to open the second-level domain name station, you must do a domain name resolution for www.xxx.com xxx.com *.xxx.com; this article mainly explains how to open the second-level domain… read more...

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    User Interoperability in WordPress Multisite Mode

    Using wordpress to build a site group is the lowest cost and most professional method for small and medium-sized teams. In the process of operating a regular site, it is necessary to consider the synchronization and intercommunication of users at all sites in the multi-site mode. Here is a recommended plug-in: Search for Multisite User Role Sync in the background plug-in installation interface to install online. Basically, the default setting is OK. Note that the plug-in must be activated on the network in the multi-site mode. This activation does not mean authorization or the like. Yes, it means that it… read more...